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Our Legacy Comes from Helping You Leave Yours

Preparing your estate is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. While it is never easy to contemplate passing away, what would be even more difficult is knowing that you will not have a say in what happens to everything you worked so hard for, including your home, personal savings, sentimental items, business, and investments. In addition, without proper estate planning, you will not have a say in who deals with your personal affairs, who manages your money, and who takes care of your minor children, if any.  Your loved ones could be left behind with the financial, tax, legal, and emotional burden of dealing with your estate.

We’ll work right by your side to safeguard your wishes and protect the people who matter most to you.

Our services include:  

  • Preparation of your Last Will & Testament;
  • Preparation of a Secondary Will for business assets;
  • Minimizing Inheritance Taxes  (known in Ontario as Probate Tax);
  • Preparation of a Power of Attorney for Personal Property;
  • Preparation of a Power of Attorney for Personal Care;
  • Succession planning for family-owned businesses;
  • Preparation of a Living Will/Advance Directive; and
  • Estate planning to ensure that disabled family members are taken care of.

Our lawyers understand the wills & estate planning process and can evaluate your unique situation to arrive at a solution that works for you.

Our legacy comes from helping you leave yours. Our real legacy is you. 

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