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Outside Funding Can be a Core Driver of Your Growth

You’re here to run a business, not argue with lawyers and accountants. You make the pitch, we take care of the rest.

Raising funds can be a complicated process. Beyond pitching to numerous investors and going with the highest bidder, there are various factors to consider. Are your investors entrepreneurs themselves or only come from a finance background? What other types of companies have they funded in the past? What do those founders have to say about them? Are they looking for hyper growth or sustainable profit? Are they offering their expertise to you? How much oversight do they want over your startup?

Finding the right funding partners is critical to your success. Once you accept outside money, the dynamic of your organization changes. You now have outside people you are accountable to. They may demand you take certain actions. They could potentially try to take over your company with their voting powers and remove you. Or they could provide the knowledge and experience you needed to become a billion- dollar business.

We can make sure you find the right sources of funding, manage investor expectations, and ensure you are legally protected so you can run your company the way you want to. These negotiations will be some of the most important in your entrepreneurial career, so you want a dedicated and attentive advisor to guide you along the way.

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