Founder Agreements

Founders Need to be on the Same Page

The best way to ensure alignment is to spell out expectations in detail.

Visions for the future of the business, values, work ethic, and payment expectations have to all be compatible among founders or disputes are inevitable. Imagine spending two years on a business to find out you have been allocated an inconsequential equity position! These problems may not seem like a big deal when starting out, but disputes arise when businesses start to make real money, and those disputes are expensive.

The best way to ensure sustainable collaboration is by documenting what arrangement the founders have with each other. What happens if a founder quits or dies? When will founders start receiving a salary? What are the goals of the business? Can the team turn down funding if they don’t like the investment philosophy of the investor? Is the goal hyper growth or a sustainably profitable business? What contributions will each founder make, and how much are they compensated for it? Does paying early employees equity dilute the founder’s equity? These considerations and more are all things we will help you determine with your team, whether you are incorporated, in a partnership, or looking at another type of business arrangement.

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