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Technology companies are the trail blazers of the Canadian economy. Toronto, Waterloo, and Montreal are all attracting world-class companies and talent as international technology hubs.

Maybe you are making something never done before. Maybe you are a direct competitor to an already existing billion-dollar business. It is absolutely critical you have advisors who not only understand your business, but also give your potential unicorn the time and attention it deserves.

Our Tech lawyer is one of the only lawyers in Ontario that not only knows how to code, but also follows technology developments out of pleasure. Need some insight on your industry? Done. Need some insight on what VCs and angel investors are looking for in an investment? Done. Needs some help looking into interest-free government funding? Done. Need some direct and honest advice on your idea, management policies, or pitch decks? Done.

Take a look at some of the distinct Technology services we provide on the menu to your left. If you have any concerns regarding your business, regardless of what’s listed, please let us know. We have an extensive network of experienced professionals that can get your problem solved. We’re here to help and provide value, not maximize our own profits. Long term business relationships are what we strive to create with our clients, and we look forward to potentially building one with you if your business is a good fit with the type of dedicated service we provide.

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