Mortgage Refinancing

A Mortgage is a Big Commitment. We Can Help.

Whether you are attempting to negotiate a better interest rate or term, or are trying to minimize your pre-payment penalties, refinancing your mortgage can be challenging and costly without the proper guidance.  Our lawyers at DiMinno Rizzi understand the process and will evaluate your unique situation to arrive at a solution that works for you.

We provide the following services:

  • Residential Financing or Refinancing;
  • Commercial Financing or Refinancing;
  • Private Loans;
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of a refinancing for your specific situation;
  • Negotiating a loan with more favorable terms and conditions;
  • Utilizing our network to connect you to leading financial institutions in Canada, such as banks, credit unions and secondary market lenders.

Whatever stage of life you are in, you can count on us to protect your interests and ensure that you are getting what you bargained for. We’ll hold your hand from start to finish to ensure a smooth closing.

What you need. When you need it. That’s the DiMinno Rizzi way.

Virtual Real Estate Closings - Right By Your Side

1.  Complete our Real Estate Closing Form


2.  Upload Your Documents


3.  Receive Mortgage Documents from Your Lender or Mortgage Broker


4.  Obtain Discharge of Previous Mortgage 


5.  Transfer Funds to You!

Let us help you!

If you need any help, please feel free to email us and we’ll get in touch with you to determine if we can help you achieve your goals.


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