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Creative Investments Require Creative Lawyers

As real estate investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that real estate has, and continues to be, a superior asset class. More than any other asset, real estate boasts a number of profit centers, which include:

  1. Cashflow from the lease;

  2. The potential for instant equity by purchasing undervalued assets that have room for “forced appreciation” via capital improvements;

  3. Leverage. For every dollar that you invest in real estate, a lender may invest 3 to 5 with you. This enhances your Cash-on-Cash Return.

  4. Appreciation. This is a wonderful ‘bonus’ for real estate investors that allows them to refinance and expand their portfolio.

  5. Depreciation. Otherwise known as capital cost allowance, this is an accounting technique that allows you to create paper losses and shelter your revenue from taxes.

  6. Principal Pay-Down. The longer you own the property, the more equity is paid off from the mortgage. The best part of this is that you can pull out the equity tax-free to reinvest.

Our lawyers have acted for investors in the negotiation, contract preparation, and closing of numerous real estate investing strategies. These include:

  • traditional buy-and-holds
  • fix and flips
  • BRRRR 
  • rent-to-own
  • assignments
  • joint ventures
  • seller-financing
  • long-term agreement for sales.

Our lawyers understand the unique needs of real estate investors. We’ll give you straightforward, practical, and business-savvy advice that will protect your interests and advance your investing goals.

We’re invested in helping your investments succeed. Our real investment is you.

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