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Whether you’re buying your first home or negotiating a commercial property lease, real estate is always a big ticket item. In addition, real estate law overlaps with a multitude of other areas, including family law, business law, estates, and municipal law, among others. As a result, real estate transactions are detailed and complex processes that can be a minefield for your personal and business interests if not tended to properly.

You need advisors you can trust.

Our lawyers are some of the only lawyers in Ontario that run a low volume real estate practice. That means we have time to take your calls. We have time to do all the relevant searches to ensure you receive your property. We have time to explain to you what title insurance is, what the effect of an easement is over your potential property, or what those financing terms mean in your mortgage.

Without thorough, individualized care on your file, what may seem like a straight-forward purchase can quickly blow up into a stressful and expensive lawsuit. You may even end up stuck with a property that is less than what you expected or has huge problems because your lawyer didn’t take the time to properly investigate title.

We’ll give your real estate matter the clear, responsive, and thorough attention it deserves so that nothing falls through the cracks.

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