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Trade Secret protection is entirely common-law based. Canadian courts will enforce agreements like NDAs relating to sensitive business information. While a court can never un-tell a secret, it can provide you compensation against the people or companies that profit off the disclosure of these secrets. This is how companies like Coca-Cola and KFC keep their secret recipes safe, but can be used for any sensitive information. This is in contrast to other intellectual property rights, as usually you are required to disclosure your IP to the public to ensure its protection. Trade Secret protection allows you some level of protection without disclosing any competitive advantages.

Our lawyers are uniquely focused on practical, business-informed legal advice. We’ll ensure you have all the documents in place to maximize the protection provided by the law. We’ll make sure you are using the appropriate form of IP protection, whether it’s Trade Secrets, Patents, or Copyright. We’ll also help you audit your operations to see if there is a business strategy you can use to minimize the chance of an information leak. Sensible, business-savvy advice is our motto.

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