Copyright Protection

Artists Can and Should Get Paid for Their Work

Copyright covers most creative works. Books, movies, music, plays, and photographs are all covered. Protection is also automatic, unlike some of the other forms of intellectual property. What this means is that once you make a creative work, others cannot use it without your distribution. 

You spend an enormous amount of time and effort on your craft. Every time your song is on the radio or played at a venue you are entitled to compensation. The use of your photographs on a website should result in compensation to you. Our lawyers can help you negotiate fair compensation for your work and get you compensation from people using your work illegally.

Copyright also has a role in protecting technology in terms of pure code, software licenses, and other types of business assets like databases of information. Our Technology lawyers have extensively dealt with startups who are concerned with the copyright implications of the data they use to fuel their app and/or machine learning algorithms.

When pulling information from databases, one should be wary of any required licenses. Problems may arise later when your company has received investor funding or has recurring revenue. Open source licenses are usually okay to use, although be wary of any terms regarding commercial use. You may also be required to share your work with the same license, which generally isn’t viable in a commercial business built specifically on that technology.

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