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Whether it’s something creative or scientific, people who make things are innovators and a value-add to our society. Unfortunately, great artists and inventors have had a tendency throughout history to die broke and/or alone. This is at least partially due to the fact that making something impactful is only the first set in securing a bright future.

Protecting your Intellectual Property rights properly will help ensure you get paid for all your hard work. There are a variety of options one can use to make sure they are protected. Some of these methods come with formal registration with government agencies, others come from smart business practices. Our lawyers can help guide you through this process and decide upon the best IP protection strategy for your needs. The ideal IP strategy would look different for photographs, an app, your secret sauce’s recipe, or the breakthrough enabling sustainable nuclear fusion.

Take a look at some of the distinct IP services we provide on the menu to your left. If you have any concerns regarding your creations, regardless of what’s listed, please let us know. We have an extensive network of experienced professionals that can get your problem solved at a price you can be happy with. We’re here to help and provide value, not maximize our own profits. Long term business relationships are what we strive to create with our clients, and we look forward to potentially building one with you if your business is a good fit with the type of dedicated service we provide.

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