The Wrong Dispute Could Destroy Your Business

We know what its like. Everything is going well, customers are coming in, and you’ve had a great period where you can just focus on your business. Suddenly, your counterparties are threatening litigation, you are fighting with your significant other, and all this stress is interfering with revenue generation. Potentially, if our lawyers were involved earlier on to help you manage risk, most of this could have been avoided. This isn’t how the real world works most of the time and we aren’t here to tell you we told you so.

Our lawyers uniquely understand that you want to keep costs low, continue with your business, and maintain relationships with key customers and suppliers. We know this because we are business owners ourselves. We’ve had to fight battles in our own businesses as well as for our clients. The first step is to review your situation, see if there are any easy fixes, then open the dialog with the other side. The best outcome of a war is its avoidance. A majority (90%+) of litigation cases settle. If you fall into the unfortunate minority where you’ll have to go through the entire litigation process, we’ll ensure you don’t get bullied into accepting less then you deserve and help get the best outcome possible. 

Take a look at some of the dispute services we provide on the menu to your left. If you have any concerns regarding your business, regardless of what’s listed, please let us know. We have an extensive network of experienced professionals that can get your problem solved at a price you can be happy with. We’re here to help and provide value, not maximize our own profits. Long term business relationships are what we strive to create with our clients, and we look forward to potentially building one with you if your business is a good fit with the type of dedicated service we provide.

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