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About Our Practice

We run a boutique law practice located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We focus on Business, Real Estate Investing, and Tech Start-Up matters.

But, above all, our focus is you

Client satisfaction is our goal. Period. You can count on us to get the job done at an affordable price and in a timely manner. That’s our commitment to you.

DiMinno & Rizzi, Founders

What we do everyday

Legal Practice Areas


Practical, clear, and straight-forward advice for business owners by business owners. 

Real Estate

Right by your side, every step of the way. We are your chauffeur through your largest purchase.

Wills & Estates

Life can be unpredictable, but your estate shouldn’t. Ensure your family gets everything they deserve.


We understand Tech. We work in Tech. We are investors in Tech. We want your Tech to succeed.


Things go wrong. Let us clean up the mess or prevent it from happening in the first place. 

Intellectual Property

Protect your core assets. Defeat your competitors. Defend your market share. Generate new revenue.

Our Professionals

How we're different

Why Clients Choose Us

We’ve flipped the traditional legal services model on it’s head.

Today more than ever, sound advice delivered at the right time can mean the difference between peace of mind or headache, profit or loss, success or failure. That’s why we take a very different approach than most law firms.


We’re in business to ensure that you succeed. Our real business is you.


Words From Clients

  • I came across Daniel’s profile on LinkedIn and noticed he provided a wide range of legal services to start-ups, tech companies and small businesses. I needed his help to review a shareholder agreement for my new incorporation. I had a VC that was very interested in investing in my eCommerce business, and was pushing me to sign this agreement as soon as I could. Daniel was very professional and thorough with his review of the 49-page agreement. He gave me a lot of advice up front and provided great recommendations for changes. He pointed out numerous problematic clauses that would’ve screwed me over in the future. Daniel’s approach is professional, consultative and empathetic. I felt he was there to help me and had my interest as his number one priority, quite the opposite of other lawyers I’ve spoken to in the past. I recommend Daniel’s advisory for all your legal business needs. He’s a great asset to have working with you and your team.

    Yaqub H.
  • Antonio is a fantastic lawyer, and you should hire him when you buy or sell real property.

    We sold a condo and bought a house with his help, and found him to be diligent with the reams of required paperwork, and patient with explanations of the contents. Real estate transactions are apparently conducted with sudden bursts of urgency on evenings and weekends, and Antonio was there at the oddest of hours when we needed him. He was also extremely helpful when dealing with a less-than-reasonable buyer, providing us with a solid understanding of the law and the mechanics of the transaction so that we could negotiate successfully. Finally, the cost of his services was very reasonable, particularly considering the high quality of the work.

    Janet L.
  • Antonio assisted me in navigating the legal requirements of a land severance project. His attention to detail and diligence was very impressive. The project was a success as a result of his efforts.

    Alex T.
  • Antonio provided legal services for a couple of real estate projects/transactions I was involved with personally. He demonstrated a high level of professionalism through his diligence and commitment to responding to my questions in a timely manner and ensuring all conditions were addressed within the established deadlines. Antonio is personable and dedicated to providing clients with the legal expertise they require.

    Laura M.

Free Consultation

You have questions. We have answers. A no-pressure, free-consult is just a phone call away!

    Our Services

    Incorporation/Company Formation

    We provide assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them establish their legal entity. We will help to ensure that you maximize your tax savings, your protection from legal liability, and your prestige as an incorporated company.

    Shareholder Agreements

    Our experienced lawyers will protect your interests and clarify shareholder rights and responsibilities through a well-crafted agreement. We draft comprehensive shareholder agreements that address ownership, decision-making, dispute resolution and more to ensure a solid foundation for your business.

    Professional Corporations

    We can optimize your professional practice by forming a professional corporation, which provides personal liability protection and massive tax benefits. Our specialized services will assist you in establishing your professional corporation, navigating licensing requirements, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.


    Our specialized services offer valuable assistance to potential tenants or landlords, guiding you through the ins and outs of agreements, protecting your rights, and providing expert advice that empowers you to make informed decisions, ultimately fostering a secure and favorable leasing experience.

    Purchase and Sale of a Business

    Whether you’re buying or selling a business, our legal guidance supports a smooth transaction, protects your interests, and ensures compliance with all legal requirements, empowering you to navigate the involved process with confidence and maximize the value of your investment.


    Our services in amalgamations assists businesses in combining operations, streamlining processes, and maximizing synergies. With expertise in handling legal complexities, we manage a seamless integration, providing strategic advice to effectively achieve your business goals and unlock the full potential of the amalgamation.

    Corporate Re-Structuring/Reorganizations

    Our expertise in corporate restructuring and reorganizations enables us to assist you in optimizing your business structure, enhancing efficiency, and optimize tax savings. We provide strategic guidance to navigate the intricacies of these processes, helping you achieve a more streamlined and successful business operation.


    We deliver comprehensive legal advice on forming partnerships, creating partnership agreements that outline rights, responsibilities, and profit sharing to foster successful collaborations and ensure a strong foundation for your business venture.

    Joint Ventures

    We specialize in joint ventures and can assist you in navigating legal aspects and creating agreements that safeguard your interests while fostering collaborative partnerships. By leveraging shared resources and expertise, we ensure your growth and success in mutually beneficial ventures.

    Real Estate Syndication

    We offer comprehensive assistance tailored to your real estate syndication needs. From ensuring adherence to securities laws to providing invaluable legal counsel for both investors and syndicators, we empower you to navigate investment opportunities with unwavering confidence while minimizing potential risks.

    Land Development

    With expertise in land development, we offer invaluable guidance through zoning regulations and expertly draft agreements to protect your rights and optimize project success. We can offer a seamless, legally compliant process, empowering you to embark on your development endeavors with utmost confidence.

    Co-ownership and Development Agreements

    Our services encompass co-ownership and development agreements, providing invaluable guidance throughout zoning regulations and skillfully crafting contracts to safeguard your rights and optimize project success. Trust our expertise to navigate complex legalities, tailoring solutions that foster collaborative partnerships and maximize your returns.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, our experienced team guides you through every step, analyzing risks and opportunities, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring a smooth transition. Our professionals can protect your interests and drive successful transactions.

    Private Placements

    Our services cover private placements, offering comprehensive guidance to comply with regulatory requirements and navigate intricate investment structures. With our expertise, you can confidently raise capital while safeguarding investor rights and achieving your funding goals.

    Raising Capital/Financing

    Seeking capital or financing? Our dedicated team provides strategic advice, crafting tailored solutions to help you secure funding while mitigating risks. Count on our professionals to navigate the intricacies of fundraising, ensuring a solid foundation for your business growth.

    Private Equity and Investments

    For private equity and investment matters, our legal services offer expert guidance to structure deals, conduct due diligence, and negotiate favorable terms.Our comprehensive approach will optimize your investment portfolio and maximize returns.

    Private Lending

    Our legal expertise in private lending enables us to assist both lenders and borrowers in structuring and negotiating loan agreements. With our meticulous approach and deep understanding of lending regulations, we ensure your lending transactions are secure and legally sound.


    Looking to establish or expand a franchise? Our legal services specialize in franchise agreements, providing insightful guidance on compliance, intellectual property protection, and operational considerations. Our professionals are committed to safeguarding your franchise’s success.

    Business Contracts

    From drafting and negotiating contracts to resolving disputes, our skilled team ensures your business contracts are airtight and protect your interests. Count on us for comprehensive contract management and effective solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    Stock Options Plans

    Our legal services cover stock options plans, guiding you through the nuances of equity compensation. With our expertise, you can design and implement employee stock option programs that attract top talent while aligning with your business objectives.

    Employment Agreements

    When it comes to employment agreements, our experienced team provides comprehensive legal support to safeguard your rights as an employer or employee. Rely on our professionals to draft, review, and negotiate contracts that promote fair and mutually beneficial employment relationships.

    Service Agreements

    Our legal services specialize in crafting service agreements that protect your interests while ensuring clear expectations and deliverables. Our lawyers develop service contracts that foster strong client-provider relationships and mitigate potential disputes.

    Independent Contractor Agreements

    For independent contractor engagements, our legal expertise ensures contracts are properly structured to protect both parties and comply with applicable laws. Count on our meticulous approach to craft agreements that foster productive and harmonious working relationships.

    Corporate Wills

    Plan for the future of your business with our corporate will services. Our experienced team assists in drafting comprehensive wills that address succession, save you big on probate taxes, asset distribution, and governance matters, ensuring your business legacy is protected and transitions smoothly.

    Business Succession

    Preparing for business succession? Our legal services offer comprehensive guidance to develop a succession plan that preserves your hard work and transitions ownership seamlessly. We navigate tax implications and ensure a smooth transfer of your business to the next generation.

    Probate Planning

    Our probate planning services provide strategic guidance to simplify and streamline estate administration. Rely on our expertise to navigate the inner workings of probate, minimize tax liabilities, and protect the assets and interests of your loved ones.

    Holding Companies

    For the establishment and management of holding companies, our legal services offer tailored solutions to protect your assets and optimize tax efficiencies. Trust our professionals to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and secure the long-term success of your holding company.